The Hasler Foundation

The Hasler Foundation was set up in 1948 by Gustav Hasler as the “Hasler Works Foundation” and was originally a corporate foundation intended to ensure that the Hasler Works which had developed out of the Eidg. Telegraphenwerkstätte (Federal Telegraphy Works) would continue to operate in the spirit of Gustav Hasler even after his death (1952). It would also promote “Swiss telephony and telegraphy”.

Nowadays, the Hasler Foundation is an independent foundation, free of any corporate interests, which aims to promote education, research and innovation in the field of information and communications technology (ICT) for the well-being and benefit of Switzerland as an intellectual and industrial centre.

The annual funds distributed by the Foundation amount to several million Swiss francs.

The goals of the Foundation

The Foundation employs its means and influence to ensure that Switzerland takes a leading position in the field of ICT within an international context. As a respected and influential foundation, its aims are significantly to influence the public image of ICT and to contribute to the general recognition of ICT’s importance to society and the economy. The Hasler Foundation is a member of the Association of Swiss Grantmaking Foundations, SwissFoundations.

Annual reports

Here you can find the annual reports of the last years.