Open Support

The Open Support facility of the Hasler Foundation is intended to complement the public funding instruments in cases where they cannot be accessed, be it for formal or material reasons.

Under the heading of “Open Support”, universities and non-commercial organisations can make applications for projects which do not fall within the scope of a support programme, and which demonstrably are not eligible for support from the Swiss National Fund (SNF) or the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse).

This support tool is neither available to companies nor individuals.

Since the Hasler Foundation provides most of its support via the support programmes, there is only a limited annual budget available for Open Support. The Foundation has the right to stop accepting new requests at any time.

Support for research

Cutting-edge scientific or technical research projects at universities or non-commercial research organisations will be supported in relation to their potential value to Switzerland as a centre for science and industry.

Priority is given to supporting projects which lay the groundwork for more extensive undertakings for which finance could be requested from other institutions (e.g. the SNF or Innosuisse) (start-up finance), and where the amount required is not more than CHF 50,000. There is a simplified procedure for approving small projects of this kind.

For projects where the amount required is over CHF 50,000.- the normal approval procedure applies. Even though the scientific committee of the Hasler Foundation has cancelled the standard projects per October 2016, in exceptional cases it will remain possible to submit proposals for research projects exceeding the sum of CHF 50’000.00. Please contact our office prior to submitting your application.

Educational support

Educational projects receive support in areas where they are not receiving support from the public purse or where they are overlooked by it.

Priority is given to supporting innovative projects designed to promote a proper understanding of the place of IT in Swiss schools and to include this as a separate subject in the curriculum.

The support goals of the Hasler Foundation are explained in detail in the Support Strategy (PDF) of the Hasler Foundation.

Other supporting contributions

The Hasler Foundation is able to provide contributions of up to CHF 10,000 to support the holding of events, publication of research results etc.