Standard projects (Requested amount exceeds CHF 50,000)

Even though the scientific committee of the Hasler Foundation has cancelled the standard projects per October 2016, in exceptional cases it will remain possible to submit proposals for research projects exceeding the sum of CHF 50’000.00. Please contact our office prior to submitting your application.

We expect a project abstract, an estimate of the total funds required and any further documents you deem essential to be sent to contact (at)

Standard projects supplement the support for research available from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF; pure research) and the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse; applied research) in those cases where, although they meet the quality standard criteria of the support organisations, projects don’t fall within their spectrum of support, either for formal or other reasons.

Applications that have already been submitted to the SNF or Innosuisse in an identical or similar form may, irrespective of the rulings made by these bodies, no longer be submitted to the Hasler Foundation. Every application must be substantiated, for which reason it cannot be submitted to SNF or Innosuisse.

Submission of proposals

Standard proposals for research projects must be written in English. For their submission the official form of the Hasler Foundation is mandatory:

Form for Standard Project (PDF)

This form also serves as a guideline on how to prepare the proposal. The proposal is to be sent by email to the Office of the Hasler Foundation. Receipt of the proposal will be acknowledged promtly.

Please proceed as follows:

  1. Download the proposal form and fill-in the form.
  2. Save the filled-in form on your computer. Do not click “submit form”.
  3. Prepare the required attachments as PDF documents.
  4. Combine the form and the attachments into a single file (PDF or ZIP).
  5. Register on our application website and complete your profile. Only then can you submit your application. Fill in the required fields and save your details. You can then upload the forms and attachments and submit your application.
  6. By submitting an application, you accept our privacy policy, which can be found on our website.
  7. Applications submitted by email cannot be considered.

Educational projects

If you intend to submit not a research project but a project in the field of computer science education, please contact our office to discuss the appropriate procedure.