Support Criteria for Start-up Companies

Within the framework of its purpose as a foundation, the Hasler Foundation provides support for company start-ups. Even if the Hasler Foundation only supports companies that are expected to achieve reasonable market success, its primary aim is to contribute towards the further development of the ICT sector to the benefit of Switzerland as a business location.

If the following objectives apply to your start-up-company, you may be eligible for seed money from the Hasler Foundation:
  • It has to be a young company with its headquarters in Switzerland, typically a Spin-Off of a swiss university. The founders have recently finished their education.
  • The product of the company (salable product / salable service) is an innovation in the ICT-sector in itself and not only an ICT-application – even innovative. The Intellectual Property Rights required are held by the company. The tech nology, processes or services cannot be easily copied.
  • The company is lead by a convincing team which makes a success of the company feasible.
  • The market-potential of the innovative product/process or the service is clearly recognisable. A clear concept for dealing with the market must exist (proof of concept). The imple mentation of the concept has already been started through the company’s own efforts. 
Find out more in the instructions for applicants Seed Money Instructions (PDF).