The Management Office is the executive organ of the Foundation. It is your contact and information point.  

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Dr. Matthias Kaiserswerth   Martine Zwygart, Chef-Assistentin    Ueli Isenschmid, Assistent

Dr. Matthias Kaiserswerth, Managing Director

Matthias Kaiserswerth has been Managing Director of the Hasler Foundation since 2015. Before that, he was Director of the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory. From 2001 until becoming Managing Director he was a member of the board of the Hasler Foundation. 


Martine Zwygart, Chief Assistant

Martine Zwygart has been with the Hasler Foundation since 1999. 




Ueli Isenschmid,  Assistant

Ueli Isenschmid has been with the Hasler Foundation since 2016.